Breathe™ Apple Tree Sachet

Breathe™ Apple Tree Sachet
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This Limited Edition “Cheeky Little Gang” were created as cartoon character by a group of award winning designers and transformed them into three dimensional dolls. The intention of creating the dolls is not for children but for adults as a scented sachet that can be place in any room, pretty much anywhere - homes, vehicles or in our bags. With our sweet, floral and fruity selection of scents, you’re sure to find a doll with your familiar aroma or perhaps choose your favourite doll from our “Cheeky Little Gang” collection and discover its wonderful fragrance that comes with it. 

For the cute sachet doll to keep its fragrant lasting, the dolls come with a miniature fragrant oil spray

Collect them all and discover the wonderful scents! It’s great to give out as a gift too!


Breathe™ a home fragrance icon for more than 10 years, with its designers recognized internationally and well received numerous awards; namely - HOW International Magazine (USA), Communication Art Magazine (USA), B.A.D. Thailand (Bangkok Art Directors Association Thailand) have its stores in Bangkok, Beijing and Singapore is now available in Malaysia.

  • Product details

-Fabric Aroma Dolls

-Fragrance – calypso Orchid

Delightful floral scent of summer fruits, luscious peach and orchid jasmine

-the scent can last up to a month, refresh the doll by spraying a few puff of the aroma oil provided



- this product is non edible

- keep away from high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight.

- keep out of reach of children and pets, this product is not a toy

- contains small particles that might harm infants and children

- do not spray the aroma oil towards skin or eye, if eye or skin contact occurs, immediately rinse affected area under running water and consult a doctor for further medical assistance.  

  • Packaging Contents

- one fabric aroma doll, one miniature fragrant spray 

  • No Warranty
  • Applicable return policy (description)

Basic (free returns within 14 days if incorrect, damaged or defective)


​​Made in Thailand

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