About Us



About Us



Create Crate Gifts Sdn Bhd is born of life’s special inspirations and creative expressions. It’s about making sweet memories through our signature gift crates, decorated and personalised with a classy touch of love, practicality and imagination. Choosing your very own gift crate literally takes just minutes from the convenience of your desktop or mobile.



Pick and personalise! You will certainly adore our world-class selection of personal goods, collectibles and crafts, specially sourced and curated to give you the best for less. Check out international labels such as Acca Kappa (Italy), Eva Solo (Denmark), Tenon Art (Taiwan), and BREATHE by Oopsstuff (Thailand) and more! 



To perfect your gift, we’ll help you arrange your selections in a specially crafted crate with the right combination of fresh flowers and decorations. Your personalised gift crate will look utterly unique and irresistible to whom it is dedicated to!



Our Pledge



At Create Crate Gifts, we aspire to inspire and bring happiness through our gift crates. Our crates of goodies come with our quality guarantee to make a lasting impression and with assurance of speedy delivery in quality condition.

In living up to our pledge of greening the earth, our sturdy nature-infused crates are recyclable for practical use. Hold one in your hands and imagine the possibilities!



Our Mission



We commit ourselves to making our customers happy by delivering quality and positive experiences through our products, flowers and signature gift crates. We choose to leverage on technology and partnership with top lifestyle brands to deliver the best in quality at the right price and with the promise of efficient delivery. 



Our Vision



Create Crate Gifts aims to be the top-of-the-mind name when it comes to our branding as a specialised premium gifts E-Commerce portal. It is our vision to maintain a solid track record of quality, creativity and timely delivery to accelerate our growth within the region.